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Artem Ermolaev

Artem ErmolaevArtem Ermolaev is the Head of Moscow Information Technologies Department, Minister in Moscow Government. He was born 22 June 1976 in Moscow. He graduated from The State University of Management, his major is national and world economy.

In 1998 he became the head of business development in Step Logic, Russian system integrator. From 2002 to 2005 he worked for Cisco Systems Moscow branch where he was responsible for collaboration with communication companies. Artem Ermolaev took part in designing and deployment of new generation networks for Transtelecom, Golden Telecom and Comstar – united Telesystems. Then he returned to Step Logic where was employed to 2008.

In July 2008 he continued his career in central machinery of Ministry for Information and Mass Communications. He hold offices of the Director of the Department of Governmental Policy in the sphere of Informatization, Information Technologies and Minister Council.

In October 2010 he was invited to Moscow Government where he took an office of Moscow Information Technologies Committee (afterwards – the Head of Moscow Information Technologies Department).

Andrey Kondakov

Andrey KondakovAndrey Kondakov was born 17 May 1967 in Moscow. In 1990 he graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, in 1995 he finished graduate course in the Institute.

Andrey Kondakov is a co-founder of Zenon N.S.P - one of the first ISPs in Russia. In 1997-2003 he was business development director in Zenon N.S.P. and was the company's representative in the Coordination Group for TLD .RU. In 2004 he founded Naunet SP - one of the accredited domain name registrars for .RU, .SU and Cyrillic .РФ top-level domains. From the establishment of Naunet and to 2008 Andrey Kondakov was a member of the Council of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU. Also he was a representative of the Council in the Board of the Coordination Center.

In March 2012 he was elected as a Chairman of a Registry Committee of the Coordination Center. Andrey Kondakov took active part in functioning of different public councils and organizations in the sphere of information and communications.

Sergey Sharikov

Sergey SharikovSergey Sharikov graduated from Kuibyshev Aviation Institute. He was the head of automated projection system and automated management system in aviation design office. He was the founder of companies in the sphere of development and implementation of software and also of the first Samara ISP.

In 2000 he became a co-founder and CEO of Regtime – one of the leading Russian ICANN domain name registrars. He is initiator and co-author of RFC 5992 (“Internationalized Domain Names Registration and Administration Guidelines for European Languages Using Cyrillic”).

Sergey Sharikov is a member of ICANN Registrar Constituency and working groups. He is also a member of Registrar Constituency and working groups in the Coordination Center for TLD RU.

Mikhail Yakushev

Mikhail YakushevMikhail Yakushev graduated from the Department of International Law in Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. He was the head of law departments of several telecommunication and IT companies (Global One, NTV+, Microsoft Russia, SAP CIS). In 2004-2006 he was the Director of the Department of Juridical Support in the Ministry of Information and Communications of Russia. He is co-founder and a member of the Council of Information Society Development Institute.

From 2010 he is Chairman of the Council in the Center of Political Research of Russia. From 2009 he is a Vice-Chairman of Council of Europe Advisory Group for the Cross-Border Internet.

From 2007 to 2010 he was the Chairman of the Council of the Coordination Center for TLD RU. In 2010 he was re-elected on this post. Since March 2014 Mikhail Yakushev has been Vice President at ICANN responsible for stakeholder engagement in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe