Russian Cultural Linguistic Internet Domains

RUCLID (Russian Cultural Linguistic Internet Domains) project is started to implement top-level domains intended for cultural-linguistic communities living in Russia.

RUCLID initiatives will be brought to life according to New gTLD program that was approved by ICANN to simplify the process of new top-level domains introduction.

RUCLID adds a project of top-level domains’ delegation to main Russian cities and regions. RUCLID was initiated Regional Network Information Center (RU-CENTER), at the moment it is coordinated by the Foundation for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID). FAITID is non-commercial organisation, its structure enables to involve all interested parties in the process of cultural and linguistic top-level domains implementation. 

RUCLID is being realized in cooperation with Russian agency for informational society development.

Introduction of new top-level domains as a part of RUCLID will be organized as a part of state and private partnership with participance of local Internet communities and all other interested parties.

RUCLID project is open to any cultural and linguistic community that lives in Russia and interested to get its own TLD.

For all information about current RUCLID activities please contact FAITID via email or phone.

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