Memorandum of Cooperation Between the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development, .Cities and .BERLIN was signed

On Moscow Birthday a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development, dotCities and dotBERLIN was signed.

This Memorandum will allow the parties to establish effective exchange of information and experience in implementation of top-level domains for the cities and, thus, contribute to the successful introduction .MOSCOW, .МОСКВА and .BERLIN TLDs. In addition the memorandum provides the organization of joint activities aimed at popularizing the idea of creating domains for the cities.

.Cities association was founded to promote the interests of initiative groups, introducing top-level domains for the needs of largest cities in the world. The main founder of the Association is .BERLIN, the company working on the introduction of the domain for the German capital.

"Our informal cooperation with the initiators of the project for the implementation of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА started about a year ago. I am sure that signing the Memorandum will enhance partnership and bring it to a more practical level. In particular, we will be able to share useful knowledge we are going to get during the implementation of the domains for Berlin and Moscow, - says Dirk Krischenowski, CEO of dotBERLIN and spokesman of dotCities. - Thus, we can help each other exchanging the ideas on how to organize the process of introduction the domains in the best way. It is very important because the experience of implementing top-level domains for cities does not exist, it appears right now in front of us owing to such projects like .MOSCOW/.МОСКВА and .BERLIN. It is important for this experience to be successful, so that it could be used in the future".

Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development was established in summer of 2011 for the implementation of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА top-level domains as well as other Russian geographical, cultural and linguistic TLDs.

The implementation of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА was assigned to the Foundation to ensure the participation of all stakeholders in the process of creating and managing domains .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА. In the governing bodies of the Foundation were invited representatives of federal authorities and the Government of Moscow as well as Internet community of the capital.

Photos from the ceremony of Memorandum signing are available here.