The Board Member of the Foundation Vasiliy Dolmatov Took Part in the Ceremony of Generating DNSSEC Keys for .UA

On December 2  in Kiev the ceremony of generating DNSSEC keys for ccTLD .UA was held during the First National UAdom Conference for Ukranian Public Domain Administrators and Registrars.

Vasiliy Dolmatov, the member of the Board of the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development, took part in the event as well.

Mr. Dolmatov joined the group of official observers from registrars and social organizations that followed the ceremony and signed the protocol at the end of the event.

During the ceremony OpenBSD system was uploaded to a computer without any software, operating system or network connection. After that, the key signing key (KSK) was generated and transferred to a keeper. Then the administrator generated the public zone signing key (ZSK) and used it to sign the KSK and handed over to the representative of DNS operator who placed the device in a special tamper-resistant bag.

Having demonstrated the value of the DS hash on the screen, the keys administrator recorded the public keys and the value of the DS hash on the third storage device and handed it to the .UA registry who put the device into the tamper-resistant bag as well. At the end of the ceremony all participants including observers signed the protocol.

You can find the information about the further activities with generated keys on the homepage of the .UA registry „Hostmaster“ dedicated to DNSSEC. The detailed process of the ceremony, as well as the list of its participants you can find here.