Results of Joint Meeting of the FAITID Board and the Board of Trustees

On December 21 a joint meeting of the FAITID Board and the Board of Trustees was held in Moscow.

Organization of the Foundation’s activities and the implementation of .MOSCOW and Cyrillic .МОСКВА (.MOSKVA) top-level domains were discussed at the meeting.

Andrey Kolesnikov, Director of the Coordination Center for TLD RU, took part in the meeting as an observer.
At the meeting Dmitry Burkov was nominated as a Chairman of the Foundation. The vote on his candidacy will be held in absentia by email shortly.

The President of the Foundation Alexander Panov stressed that at it’s work the Foundation tends to use multistakeholder model. At the meeting it was announced that Alexey Shvetsov, the Head of Intellectual property protection Section in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games Organizational Committee, will join the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees is expected to expand more in the future.

„The activities of the Foundation will definitely help to make Russian Internet more mature“, - said Mikhail Yakushev, member of the Board of Trustees.

At the meeting of managing bodies of the Foundation Alexander Panov described the preparation of applications for .MOSCOW and Cyrillic .МОСКВА (.MOSKVA) TLDs. They will be ready by the middle of February 2012 and then filed for ICANN.

In case the applications are successful Sunrise period in .MOSCOW and .МОSKVA may start in the beginning of 2013. FAITID intends to launch General Availability period in new domains in about half a year after their delegation.

The cost of .MOSCOW and .МОSKVA names for registrants will be comparable with the price for .RU and Cyrillic .RF domains, which is about $20.

A number of .MOSCOW and .МОSKVA domain names will be reserved for the needs of Russian federal and Moscow governmental bodies. The list of these domains will be prepared by the Foundation and sent to relevant departments for approval. The list will initially include several hundreds of names that are reserved for the needs of the state in Cyrillic .RF. It is also planned to create a block-list of names that are prohibited to register due to immorality or violation of law. As a base for this list the similar document for .RF is going to be taken.

Finally, it is planned to reserve some second-level domains for further registration of third-level names. For example, .SCHOOL.MOSCOW domain will be used to give an opportunity to all Moscow schools to register their own domain name.

Registration rules for .MOSCOW and .МОSKVA is going to be adopted both to ICANN requirements and to specific needs of Russian domain market and will be adjusted to the interests of Russian users.  

The collective work will be organized to devise the rules where the Board and the Board of Trustees of the Foundation are going to take part in.