A FAITID Board Member Took Part in Strategies of Domain Name Spaces Management Press-Conference

13 January 2012 in Moscow Strategies of Domain Name Spaces Management Press-Conference was held. The event was organized by the Coordination Center for TLD RU.

One of the main topics of the press-conference was ICANN New gTLD program officially started 12 January 2012.
Applicants from Russia plan to participate in New gTLD. At the moment .ДЕТИ (IDN that means .CHILDREN in Russian), .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА (.MOSKVA) top-level domains are planned to be implemented.

Pavel Khramtsov, a member of FAITID Board, told attendees of the press-conference about current status of the project for Russian capital domains introduction.

“Now FAITID is preparing an application for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА. A couple of days ago a new version of New gTLD Application Guidebook was published, it contains some additional requirements and information that we should take into account in our application. We plan it is ready to the end of February and submitted to ICANN in the beginning of March”, - said Pavel Khramtsov.