.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs Will Be Implemented in Cooperation with Sedari

FAITID has concluded partnership agreement with Sedari, one of the leading international consulting companies specializing in the implementation of top-level domains.

According to the agreement Sedari will provide the application process for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА with an expert support.

“This is the first of Sedari’s city domain names to be signed, - said Liz Williams, CEO of Sedari. – FAITID is a great organization full of enthusiastic and experienced professionals who will offer Muscovites and others exciting opportunities for second-level names in Russia”.

Sedari – one of the strategic partners of the project for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА implementation. The project is organizationally supported by RU-CENTER – the leading Russian domain name services provider.

“In 2010 RU-CENTER presented an idea of Moscow top-level domains introduction, - said Andrey Vorobyev, the director for PR and GR in RU-CENTER. – Today the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development is responsible for the project. Being a non-profit organization FAITID has a structure that allows to involve all interested parties in the process of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА implementation. The project is being realized with an active participation of RU-CENTER staff that has a significant experience in developing and delivering of services on the domain name market”.

In cooperation with Sedari and RU-CENTER FAITID is now preparing an application for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА top-level domains. It is expected to be submitted to ICANN in early March 2012.

“Implementation of any TLD is a complicated project with many issues to resolve, - says Dmitry Burkov, FAITID Board Member. – That’s why we’ve chosen Sedari as our strategic international partner for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА. Sedari management has the experience and industry knowledge on ICANN that makes us confident the company is familiar with all the procedures of the corporation, in particular related to new TLDs. Together with Sedari and RU-CENTER, our Russian strategic partner, we’ll make the project for Moscow top-level domains introduction successful giving Russian users more choice in the domain name space”.