.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs at the Exhibit Booth of the Moscow City Government at CeBIT

March 7, 2012 at the most famous high-technology CeBIT exhibition in Hanover .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА domains were presented.

Dmitry Burkov, Chairman of the Board of FAITID, told the visitors of the exhibition about the potential of the TLDs and their implementation process.

.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА were presented at the exhibit booth of the Moscow City Government as one of the projects, aimed at the creation of the unified and user-friendly information and communication system in the city.

“At CeBIT we talk about how new technological developments and solutions are used in Moscow to create favourable urban environment, - said Alexander Arabey, the Counselor of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow. – The implementation of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА top-level domains is one of the most promising high-tech activities undertaken today in Russian capital. Project of this kind is one of the first in the world. We consider it as an additional incentive for Internet technologies development in the capital”.

Today there are about 4000 web sites in the capital related to the activities of the Moscow authorities. Currently, the Moscow City Government is working on several projects to structure its web space. According to the plans in the near future all online resources of the city government departments will work on the same platform. The same design, navigation and search interface will make them recognizable to the users. For this purpose a system of uniform requirements for city sites, which includes technical regulations and rules of publication and information update on the Internet, is being developed.

“At CeBIT we’ve showed how .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs can be used by the Moscow City Government, Moscow enterprises, organisations and business, - said Dmitry Burkov. – The domains will make the unified information space of the capital more recognisable to the Internet users because all sites associated with Moscow will be placed in the domains that are definitely associated with the city“.