FAITID Applications for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА Are Posted on the ICANN Website

June 13 according to the schedule, ICANN posted the list of applications for top-level domains submitted in the first round of the New gTLD process.

In total, ICANN received 1930 applications from 60 countries. The biggest number of applications was filed by companies and organizations from North America, applicants from European countries are on the second place. 84 applications were filed by the communities.

There are more than one application for 230 domain extensions. The most competitive string is .APP - 13 applicants were submitted for it. .HOME and .INC TLDs got 11 applications, .ART – 10 and .BLOG, .SHOP, .LLС, .BOOK – 9.

ICANN recieved 116 applications for IDNs, 8 of them are for domains in Cyrillic – .ДЕТИ (that means dotchildren in English), .КАТОЛИК (dotcatholic), .КОМ (dotcom), .МОСКВА (dotmoscow), .ОНЛАЙН (dotonline), .ОРГ (dotorg), .РУС (dotrus), .САЙТ (dotsite).    

66 applications are for geographical names, generally for city top-level domains. This list includes FAITID applications for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА strings.

ICANN got 8 applications from Russia - .MOSCOW, .МОСКВА, .РУС, .ДЕТИ, .SKOLKOVO, .TATAR, .YANDEX, .GDN (company related to the Russian GLONASS navigation system applied for this domain).

Since the total number of applications is larger than 500 ICANN has decided to split them into batches for the subsequent evaluation. According to the plan batches will be formed in July 2012 and in August ICANN will start the evaluation procedure for the first group of applications.