FAITID Supports the Letter from SSAC to the ICANN Board

FAITID supports the letter to ICANN Board prepared by the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) after the ICANN 44th International Public Meeting in Prague.

At the event focused on the New gTLD Program the readiness of the Internet infrastructure for the implementation of lots of new top-level domains was discussed.

After these discussions SSAC prepared the list of issues and recommendations that are need to be taken into account during the New gTLD Program implementation. In particular, SSAC indicates the necessity of the audit and monitoring for the root zone publication system in order to assess if the growth in a number of top-level domains can influence on its service level. SSAC recommends ICANN to perform this examination in cooperation with all participants of the root zone management process, including the operators of root servers.

FAITID joins to the principles stated in the SSAC letter and considers it is necessary to involve various experts in the root zone management to prepare it for the introduction of the considerable number of new top-level domains.

FAITID opinion is officially stated in the letter addressed by the Foundation’s management to ICANN.