The Foundation Will Present It's Projects at RIW 2012

Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development will participate in the section "Investment in the future. The most promising projects of Runet 2012" in course of the Russian Internet Week (RIW) that will be held on the 18th of October in Expocenter at Krasnaya Presnya.

At this section the representatives of the companies that, according to the jury, develop the most promising projects will tell in detail about the work on them. This section is special because together with the projects' representatives, the representatives of the investment companies will tell why they chose this or another project, what the evaluation criteria was and what investors expect from the projects in the future. It should be mentioned, that not only potentially commercially successful projects will be presented at the section but socially important projects as well.

Matvey Alekseev, Executive Director of the Foundation, will speak about the .МОСКВА/.MOSCOW domain project and the role that Moscow domains can play in the life of the Russian capital. In addition, he will share the details about the preparation of the .МОСКВА/.MOSCOW domains' launch and reveal the basic provisions of the project's business plan. The director of «RBC Mediamir», Pavel Rogozhin will explain why this company decided to invest in this project.

Section dedicated to the education will also be a part of the Russian Internet Week. Executive Director of the Foundation will take part in the section's work and will speak about the state of the modern education in the areas with the usage of the Internet. He will tell which contribution .МОСКВА/.MOSCOW domain project will make to improve the education's quality.