.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА Implementation Project Was Called One of the Most Exciting One in the Russian Internet in 2012

CEO of the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development Matvey Alekseev took part in the session called “Investment in the future. The most promising projects of Runet 2012” that took place at the Russian Internet Week (RIW 2012) held at the Expocenter Moscow Exhibition Hall.

At this session Matvey spoke about the goals of the Foundation's flagship project – introduction of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs. During the presentation Matvey mentioned such issues as social significance of the project and its commercial prospects, as well as stages of the implementation of the domains for Russian capital.

All presentations within the session were made jointly by a project representative and its investor representative and followed by a talk show part with a discussion between the participants and speakers.

Such innovative approach placed the session among the most exiting ones during the Russian Internet Week. Despite the fact the biggest hall at the venue was booked for the session, not everyone who wanted to attend it could get the place. Video of the session is available to all registered users on the official website of the Russian Internet Week.