Project for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА Implementation Was Presented at the Convergence in Informational Communications Conference

Matvey Alekseev, FAITID CEO, took part in the Convergence in Informational Communications Conference held November 9 at the RIA Novosti News Agency Media Center. Presentation on the topic "Virtualization of urban infrastructure. Available content" was included in the Content of the Future Session, organized by the telecommunication company Expo-Telecom.

FAITID CEO presentation regarded the prospects of usage of .МОСКВА and .MOSCOW TLDs to develop the information infrastructure in Russian capital. In particular, guests of the conference learned about the project for information radius creation – thematic directories on different aspects of the city life. Building of such a platform in the future will allow Muscovites to get access to the information on social, transport and trade infrastructure of the city.

The presentation aroused big interest and lively debate. Representatives of IBM attended the event said they had already been working on the similar technology platform for some time but the collaboration could contribute to the faster establishment of such a system.

Matvey Alekseev, FAITID CEO, said, "The conference showed the representatives of the media and professional telecom community are interested to get information on the new domains for Moscow. We are sure that the project for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА introduction may become the converged platform that would be developed involving the best technological, information and social resources of the Russian Internet."