FAITID CEO Delivered a Speech at the RESULTS OF THE YEAR. RUNET 2012: TURNING POINT Conference

December 18, RESULTS OF THE YEAR. RUNET 2012: TURNING POINT press-conference organized by the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC), Skolkovo Foundation and Google took place in the Digital October Center. The event was split in two sessions. The first session related to the economic issues, the second one — to the legislative initiatives in the Internet, actively discussed in 2012.

FAITID CEO Matvey Alekseev took part in the second session. In his speech he stressed several key trends emerged in 2012, and talked about the activities of the Commission of the Hosting Providers and Domain Name Registrars of RAEC where he has chaired since its establishment.

Matvey Alexeev said one of the main achievements of 2012 was the growing interest of the public authorities to the Internet and their attempts to establish a dialogue with the representatives of the industry. Today the experts of the leading Russia’s Internet companies take part in the development of amendments to the laws and executive orders that regulate the Internet sphere.

The second important step became the work with the executive autority bodies that was carried out according to the plan throughout the year.

"In our point of view it is extremely important to cooperate with the public authorities constantly. It is necessary not only to work on the legislation development, but also to control its implementation," — said Matvey Alexeev. — "We believe that the constant collaboration with the executive authorities and non-governmental organizations will encourage the reation of a transparent and effective mechanism of interaction that will help to understand the needs of all interested parties better and avoid misunderstandings. This is an extremely important area which we will pay a lot of attention next year."

In 2012 the meetings among the Olympic Committee of Russia, Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, the Safer Internet League and the Foundation for Internet Development were held. As a result of these meetings a number of agreements were signed that help to ease the collaboration among the respective organisations.

Finally, Matvey Alekseev announced the results of the ICANN Prioriotization Draw, held a few hours earlier in Los Angeles, and congratulated the audience on the coming New Year.