FAITID Representatives Took Part in Discussing New Rules for .SU

A scheduled meeting of the Committee of Hosting Providers and Registrars of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) took place on February 22. It was dedicated to the development the new Terms and Conditions for Domain Name Registration in the .SU TLD. The meeting was held together with the registry of the .SU domain, the Foundation for Internet Development (FID). FAITID staff took part in the event.

This meeting was the second joint event aimed at updating the .SU policy. The first extended meeting with participation of the FID representatives took place on December 11, 2012, when some fundamental ideas about the new rules for domain registration in .SU were expressed. All of them were considered by the experts devising the policy. The February 22 meeting was dedicated to specific suggestions and wordings for the policy prepared by the members of the committee since the previous discussion.

The meeting resulted in suggesting changes related to the procedures of interaction between the FID and registrars, reception of requests from users and submission of registrant data. The participants specifically discussed the section related to domain disputes and decided that it should form a separate document.

"We thank all the experts of the committee who contributed to this important work. The new terms and conditions featuring a new domain life cycle, ability to choose domain registration term from one to ten years and other marketing things will help .SU domains become more attractive for both Russian and foreign registrants," said Andrey Vorobiev, PR and GR Director of RU-CENTER and co-chairman of the RAEC Committee of Hosting Providers and Registrars responsible for the domain name market issues.

Besides the new version of the draft Terms and Conditions for Domain Name Registration in the .SU, the Committee of Hosting Providers and Registrars discussed the marketing of this domain in the Russian and international markets and decided to conduct a poll of the registrars accredited in the TLD in order to develop recommendations on how to facilitate the growth of the number of registrations in this top-level domain. In addition to that, the FID will conduct a marketing and sociological research on perception of the .SU TLD by different social groups of users in order to define the most potentially effective ways to promote it.