Foundation Representatives Took Part in the Russian Internet Forum 2013

FAITID Board Chairman and CEO have participated in Russia’s major industry event, the Russian Internet Forum 2013. The Foundation speakers have delivered their presentations at several sessions of the event. 

The session entitled “Go West. Russian Projects Successful Abroad” was held on the first day of the Forum, April 17. The session was dedicated to analysing the basic differences the Russian Internet companies face when going to the overseas markets. Leading experts of the world’s most renowned Russian companies shared their own international expansion practices, while representatives of the major venture investment funds provided their assessments of the tactics selected.

Matvey Alexeev, the Foundation’s Executive Director, told the the attendees of the session about the work done during the preparation of the applications for the .МОСКВА and .MOSCOW domains, presented a concept of domain name registration in the TLDs for the Russian capital and dwelled on interaction with the international consultancy by highlighting some contradictions between the Russian laws which govern the Foundation operations and the laws of the State of California in the USA which govern the ICANN operations.

The session entitled “URL Bar Business” dedicated to the new top-level domains was held on April 18. At the session the Foundation was represented by its Board Chairman Dmitry Burkov who spoke about .MОСКВА and .MOSCOW target audience, information resources to be placed within the extensions and forecasts regarding the new Moscow TLDs’ development. According to Dmitry Burkov, geographical extensions can become by far the most demanded ones of all the new domains. The .МОСКВА and .MOSCOW strings are being introduced together with the TLDs for other major cities of the world. The GeoTLDs group was established to unite all applicants for geographical extensions. A meeting of the group is planned in Moscow on September the 5th and FAITID will become its host.

At the Forum the award ceremony for the winners of the Dot-Journalism contest was held during which newspersons specialising in the domain-related topics got the prizes for their works. The Foundation representatives who were the members of the Dot-Journalism jury congratulated the contest participants and awarded the winners in several nominations.