Winners of the Living in a Globalized World Drawing Contest Were Announced

The winners of VI Living in a Globalized World Russian Child Drawing Contest have been announced. The contest was organised by the Russian Geographical Society and the National Committee of Cartographers of the Russian Federation. The event was supported by the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development.

The contest aimed at the encouragement of the children artistic creativity and creative perception of the world, developing the interest to geography and geographical maps, paying more attention to the environmental problems, nature protection and careful treatment.

As part of the promotion of the .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА top-level domains introduction FAITID has established the My Domain .МОСКВА special category in the contest. The winners of the contest will be awarded diplomas and gifts from the Foundation.

Громова Ксения - За чистый город
Ksenia Gromova (13 Years Old), For the Clean City


Караваева Ксения-Купола старой Москвы
Ksenia Karavaeva (10 Years Old), Domes of the Old Moscow


Распопова Анастасия-Кремль
Anastasia Raspopova (7 Years Old), The Kremlin

Drawings of children aged under 15 made on paper with paints, pencils, drawing ink or other materials were accepted to participation in the contest.

Exhibition of the drawings and the awards ceremony for the winners will take place June 3, 2013 in Moscow in the Russian State Library.