The Foundation rendered assistance in "Knowledge Day" IT Marathon

On September 1, Moscow Zoo hosted  IT zoo quest for the kids and their parents sponsored by RU-CENTER. The Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure acted as the organization partner of the event.

The quest was available to anyone: The attendees passed 3 checkpoints on the zoo territory by answering funny questions about animals, Moscow and Internet.

"Gaming is more attractive for the kids, it brings interest for any learning process, plants interest to the subject and stimulates independent work"  — Alexei Matveev, the Foundation’s Executive Director, briefed the public. "This Zoo promotion became a logic continuation of a total number of events that we hold to promote new TLDs .МОСКВА, .MOSCOW, .РУС and .ДЕТИ to be available for registration in the near future".

Besides Moscow, All-Russian IT Marathon  is also held in 20 other Russian countries. The marathon includes multiple events (lessons, outdoor games, quizzes, promotions, drawing contests) for schoolchildren of various ages, where they can learn about Internet fundamentals, study safety precautions of the web, get acquainted with the white list of "Positive content" websites. The final event of the marathon will be held 12 September in Lipetsk as part of MTS Interactive exhibition "Kids on the Net" to be held till 11 October.

The attendants can not only learn about the past, present and future of the Internet, but also touch and play with the exhibits, create their own avatar, overcome computer viruses, etc. While children surf the exhibits, their parents will get acquainted with the gadgets in the sphere of communication, useful telecommunication services and Internet resources for the whole family, study the possibilities of "parent control" access to the Internet for the kids and ways of protection from content, communication, digital and consumer risks of the Net.

The marathon was sponsored by  MTSRAECRazumny Internet Foundation, project "Missing children!" and website contest for the children, teenagers and youth "Positive content" . The children who took part in the promotion will be rewarded not only with thematic presents, but also with coloring brochures from MTS "Plain rules and helpful tips", books of comics “Stephen’s Adventures on the Internet” from RAEC and reminder cards from "Missing children!" project – "If you are lost  — the Net will guide you through".

Any movements and news of the All-Russian "Knowledge Day" IT marathon are available on its official website.