.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА Sunrise Start Is Planned for 10 June 2014

ICANN has approved the launch plan for the .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs FAITID is the registry for. Names’ registration in the top-level domains will start 10 June 2014 with a Sunrise period for the owners of trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

15 July13 August 2014 .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА domain names will be available on a priority basis for the owners of trademarks protected in Russia. Then, from 19 August 2014 to 25 August 2014 there will be a priority phase for the owners of trade names, designations of origin, mass media and non-for-profit organisations from Moscow and Moscow region.

From 24 September 2014 anyone will be able to apply for a .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА name. Starting from that date and until 18 November 2014 Landrush will be held during which the cost of a domain name will be higher than the regular one and will be gradually reduced. Starting from 1 December 2014 the .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs will enter the General Availability period with a standard registration fee – $5 for registrars.    

“Priority registration periods are organised in order to protect the interests of intellectual rights’ owners and to avoid cybersquatting,” says Dmitry Burkov, FAITID Board Chairman.  “Landrush is a widespread mechanism used to ensure a transparent registration of most valuable domain names. During General Availability .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА registration fee will be maximum competitive in order to make the names attractive to the wide range of potential registrants, first of all to residents of Moscow, both individuals and legal entities.”