.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА Limited Registration Period for Mass Media, Non-Profit Organizations, Owners of Trade Names, and Appellations of Origin

August 19-25, the Limited Registration Period II will be held in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА. This is a period for owners trade names, names of mass media outlets, non-profit organizations, and appellations of origin.

The Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development, the Registry Operator of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА, explains: this period is open for owners of trade names and names of non-profit organizations registered in Moscow, as well as for owners of appellations of origin from Moscow and Moscow Region.

As for mass media outlets, according to the Policy for Registration of Second-Level Domain Names in the .МОСКВА TLD During the Limited Registration Period II, this period is open for "founders of the mass media <…>, provided their output is intended for distribution in Moscow" (.MOSCOW policy is identical).

It means that this period is open not only for exclusively Moscow-oriented mass media outlets, but also federal-level mass media outlets and all electronic mass media outlets (their output is intended for the entire Russian Federation, including Moscow). However, such mass media outlets must be registered in the Russian Federation.

The Limited Registration Period II will be effective August 19-25, 2014.

The purpose of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА is to create Moscow's unified information space on the Internet and an online brand of the Russian capital. These domain names are intended for users that want their websites to be associated with Moscow and thus to be attracting more visitors.