12–16 October 2014 the 51st International Public ICANN Meeting took place in Los Angeles, California. Its participants – more than 1 thousand representatives of companies, organisations and government bodies, which scope is related to Internet address system – discussed recent developments in the Internet governance, daily communications between ICANN and domain registries/registrars, further processes within the New gTLD Program used for the implementation of new top-level domains.   

During the event FAITID staff attended a number of meetings with ICANN management in order to discuss the issues related to registry contractual compliance. Also FAITID team brought a number of proposals for the optimization of procedures utilized for interaction between ICANN and TLD registries.  

At ICANN 51 FAITID as a registry for the .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs has been represented at the GeoTLDs meeting. One of the main topics of this meeting was GeoTLDs planned integration into the Registry Stakeholder Group (RySG) so it can get more involved in the ICANN processes. Now GeoTLDs members are discussing the charter of their interest group to be established within RySG – it is expected that all processes necessary for the group establishment will be completed by the next ICANN Meeting, which will take place in Morocco in February 2015.