Moscow Authorities to Receive .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА Domain Names

Over 2,000 domain names in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА were registered as part of the public contract. 972 .MOSCOW names and 1,045 .МОСКВА names were allocated for the Moscow Government. These include previously reserved names like вся.москва [], парковка.москва [], всекамеры.москва [],,, and many others. These domain names might soon be used for various new online services for the Moscow residents.

The names were registered by registrar that won the first in Russia public contract for such registration services back in November 2014. Pursuant to that contract, has registered 2,017 domain names in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА for the Moscow Government. The registrar will be maintaining these domain names throughout the next year.

Before the start of General Availability, the Registry Operator of .МОСКВА and .MOSCOW, the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID), has reserved a few thousand second-level domain names, including those for the needs of the Moscow Government. Each reserved domain name was given a special key required for registration.

In early December,, one of the registrars accredited for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА, received over 2,000 applications for domain name registration and processed them in three business days. Among such domain names were твоя.москва [],,, цены.москва [], смотри-на-город.москва [], реклама.москва [],,,, etc.

The Moscow Government has applied for many domain names from different fields. The long list of reserved names includes, for example, education-related names школа.москва [], ученик.москва [], учитель.москва [], образование.москва [], учебныйкомбинат.москва [],, библиотека.москва [], healthcare-related  медицина.москва [healthcare.mosocw],, and business-related экономика.москва [], инвестиции.москва [], These names are currently not delegated.