Dmitry Burkov to Speak at 5th Congress of Russia's Non-Profit Organizations

2-5 December, 2014 the 5th Congress of Russia's Non-Profit Organizations took place in Moscow. The event was attended by almost 1300 delegates from 77 RF territorial entities, as well as foreign official delegations and guests from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, US, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, etc.

The main sponsors are All-Russian Council for Non-Profit Organizations and Russian Agency for Information Society Development (RARIO). The events took place with involvement of RF Federation Council, RF State Duma, RF Government, Russian Academy of Sciences, Government of Moscow, Strategic Initiative Agency, etc.

5th Congress of Russia's Non-Profit Organizations

The 5 days’ Congress brought together more than 30 different events (plenary & congress sitting, conferences, round-table discussions, sessions, seminars, workshops, master classes, foresights, etc., as well as work meetings of state power authorities, 4 awarding ceremonies, sightseeing and cultural program, etc.), more than 100 speeches and lectures. All events and speakers were selected with due consideration to the opinion of the Congress delegates.

As part of All-Russian forum "Info=SOCIETY 2014: e-democracy information technologies and tools – to non-commercial sector of the country" Dmitry Burkov, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development made a speech, in which he represented to attendees the main project of the Foundation – .MOSCOW and .МОСКВA domains, the prospects of their implementation and first results after the launch of General Availability phase.

5th Congress of Russia's Non-Profit Organizations

The Congress received many greetings, governmental telegrams and letters of support from well-known state and public figures of Russia, which acknowledged that non-profit organizations are a key partner of the government in solving basic problems of social development – a partner capable of protecting citizens' interests in a more efficient way as compared to official structures, - a partner which is more close to people, able to find modern forms of cooperation and is quicker to get a positive response.

Full version of the 5th Congress of NPOs is available on the official website of the event.