Starting from 2015, the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID) is an administrator of a few dozens of second-level subdomains in .RU, .SU, and .NET. They were transferred to FAITID following the change in the rules of administration of specialized Russian and international domains.

FAITID now oversees the development of:

  • generic domains .COM.RU, .EXNET.SU, .RU.NET; and
  • 69 geodomains, including such popular names as .MSK.RU and.SPB.RU.

Geodomains are geographic second-level domains in .RU and .SU related to the names of countries, cities, republics, or regions (e.g., .MSK.RU, .SPB.RU, .BASHKIRIYA.RU, .SOCHI.SU, .NORTH-KAZAKHSTAN.SU).

All of FAITID's public subdomains are open for unrestricted multi-year (from one to 10) registration of third-level domain names. There are no special eligibility requirements for registrants: anyone (a resident or a non-resident of Russia; an individual or a company) can register a name for a project in .COM.RU, .EXNET.SU, .RU.NET, or geodomains.

Names in "RU.NET+" domains are registered through accredited registrars.