.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА (IDN TLD can be translated “Moscow”) – top-level domains (TLDs) intended for Russian capital. Their implementation makes possible to create websites with addresses like COMPANY.MOSCOW and МУЗЕИ.МОСКВА (IDN domain name that can be translated as “MUSEUMS.MOSCOW”).

For example, TLD .MOSCOW could be used for websites about tourist opportunities in Moscow, while IDN TLD .МОСКВА might be a good place for web resources of the local government.Such websites definitely associated with Russian capital, and finally it helps to strengthen recognition of the city on the Internet.

City top-level domains' introduction is a global trend – London, New York, Paris, Berlin and some others have their own extensions as well.

.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА implementation project was initiated in 2010 by RU-CENTER, the leading Russian domain name services provider. In 2011 coordination of the project was entrusted to the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID). FAITID is non-commercial organisation that allows to involve all interested parties in the process of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА implementation and further development. Representatives of federal and Moscow government agencies as well as the local Internet community and public organizations are invited to participate in the Foundation management.

The .MOSCOW and. МОСКВА extensions are aimed at the enhancement Moscow visibility on the Internet, creation of its online brand, attraction of additional audience to the websites related to the city.

In April 2012 applications for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА were submitted to ICANN. They were approved in 2013 and in April 2014 both strings were delegated. The registration in the TLDs has started in June 2014.

The project for the Moscow city top-level domains is a part of the GeoTLDs group that unites initiative groups working on implementation of city TLDs.