IDN Policy for the .МОСКВА TLD

.МОСКВА TLD operated by the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID) enjoy full support for DNS names in only one language: Russian.

Support for this language follows the most current policies and standards, notably the IDNA20008 standard. The support is extensive and includes all of the services: WHOIS and other directory services, domain registration and DNS.

The policies set forth in this document only concern the use of IDN to encode internationalized domain names. All other Registry policies remain in full effect and are to be applied to IDN Domain registrations after satisfying the policies described in this document.

The following policy statements related to IDN apply to .МОСКВА TLD operated by FAITID:

  • Russian language supported for this TLD uses left-to-right script. RFC-5893 is not applicable.
  • Name registration under .МОСКВА TLD operated by FAITID is not subject to automatic reservation of "IDN variants".
  • Registration of IDN labels must indicate the Russian Cyrillic IDN Table name being used and both the corresponding A-label and the U-label. All data must be consistent in order for the registration to be processed. The correspondence of Russian Cyrillic IDN Table name to Language or Script is "ru".
  • IDN Labels can only contain characters from Russian Cyrillic IDN Table.
  • Domain registrations using IDN have their corresponding A-label and U-label cross-checked. Both forms must exactly match. If the A-label and the U-label do not match under the specific IDN Table that was specified, the Domain Registration is not accepted.
  • Domain registrations meeting all these criteria are then subjected to the regular Registry policies.