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EU authorities proposed to eliminate ICANN’s monopoly in the field of Internet governance and domain name delegation. FAITID CEO Matvey Alekseev: “We need to create some kind of ICANN-based international community. That’s the only reasonable option, which will keep the infrastructure intact and will allow the EU or any other interested countries to have their observers.



Yandex and Microsoft to Tell the Deputies How to Regulate the Internet

Representatives of major Internet companies — Yandex, Google, Kaspersky Lab, Microsoft, Technical Center of Internet, etc. — will be able to influence the Internet regulation in Russia. Alexei Kazakov, the new head of the State Duma subcommittee for the Internet and the development of electronic democracy, formed a working group consisting of representatives of the business community for developing the legislation related to Internet issues. […] FAITID CEO Matvey Alekseev was appointed the working group's coordinator. Members will focus on monitoring and analyzing new initiatives for regulating the Internet, he said.



Russia’s Law on Pre-Trial Blocking of Websites Comes Into Force

On February 1, 2014, a law has come into force in Russia allowing Roskomnadzor to block allegedly extremist websites at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office and without a court order. […] The law has been much criticized by media experts and lawyers. “This initiative will seriously threaten websites that allow users to leave comments,” said Matvey Alekseev. “Because the bill suggests that ISPs should immediately block any page with illegal content, while earlier website owners were given time to delete such content.”



A New Bill to Require State-Owned Websites to Be Hosted in Russia

A new law will require Russian state bodies to only host their official websites on Russian servers. This decision was made during a meeting in the State Duma on January 27, which was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Roskomnadzor, the Ministry of Economic Development, the FSB, and the FSO. […] “The requirement to host state-owned websites in Russia may indeed be satisfied,” says FAITID CEO Matvey Alekseev. “But hosting providers will have to use dedicated infrastructure that will not be used for any other projects, commercial projects. Today “cloud” solutions are more and more popular.




Some bills are intended to increase state control over the Internet users. For example, ISPs and websites will be required to keep user data for six months after a user stopped its activity, because this data may be useful for law-enforcement agencies. Matvey Alekseev, an Internet expert, believes that these measures will result in outflow of capital from the IT industry. He says that restrictions on the Russian Internet will decrease its appeal for the business. Matvey Alekseev regrets that the deputies haven’t consulted with the Internet community when drafting the bill, again.



A press conference entitled Information Society in Russia: 2013 Balance was held

A major breakthrough in the area of information technology development is expected to take place in Russia within the next year or two. The conclusion was made by the people attending the press conference entitled Information Society in Russia: 2013 Balance which was held in Moscow on the 17th of December. […] Alexander Panov, the Foundation’s President, is confident that within the next two years one may expect a breakthrough in the area of information technologies to come about.



Webnames.ru among the first ones to start registrations in the .MOSCOW/.МОСКВА domains

Webnames.ru were the first Russian registrar to have signed an agreement of intent with the Foundation. […] “It is symbolic that the first Russian ICANN-accredited registrar to have signed an agreement of intent is not a Moscow but a Samara-based registrar. The fact provides evidence that the .МОСКВА and .MOSCOW domains are not only in demand within the Moscow City boundaries, but are also attractive for the users in the country at large, who identify their activities in this or that way with the capital. I am quite positive that all the Russian registrars will be equally active in the sphere of promoting the Moscow domains, like the Webnames.ru are,” said Dmitry Burkov, the Foundation’s Board Chairman.



Domain name registrations in the .МОСКВА and .MOSCOW TLDs to commence in April 2014

The Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID) signed an administration agreement with the ICANN Corporation in respect of the .МОСКВА and .MOSCOW top-level domains.



The users are disillusioned as to the Internet safety and security

In 2014 the Internet may disappear in its usual global notion to be replaced by dozens of individual national networks with a limited access to foreign resources. The conclusion was made by the Kaspersky Laboratory experts within the process of analysing all the cyber incidents which have occurred this year. Matvei Alexeev, the Foundation’s Executive Director, says: “Indeed, there are countries where the Internet access is limited, such as China or North Korea. However, creating an Internet of one’s own is such a huge and labour consuming operation that it postpones the probability for an indefinitely long time, moreover, as far as Russia is concerned...”



The Federal Security Service recommends the civil servants to abstain from using any foreign e-mails

The Federal Security Service (FSB, or formerly KGB) recommends the civil servants to abstain from using any foreign e-mailsAccording to Dmitry Burkov, the Foundation’s Board Chairman, similar recommendations are under discussion or else already have been adopted in many nations. “In the first place, it is due to the information provided on the US NSA activities related to the Internet data collection and analysis. The highest degree of safety may be guaranteed to an organisation only by its own mail infrastructure which is not related in any way to the public mail services, leave alone any foreign ones,” says the expert