Timofey Viktorovich Shcherbakov

Timofey Viktorovich Shcherbakov

Board Member of the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development.

Timofey Shcherbakov has been Chief Legal Officer of RBC holding company since December 2015. He has over 15 years of experience in media. He has worked in both public and private sectors. He was head of legal departments at ProfMedia group of companies and RIA Novosti media holding, oversees legal affairs at the Russian Academy of Radio, and is an expert for working groups at the State Duma and executive bodies.

During his professional career, Timofey successfully implemented a lot of major projects involving mergers, reorganization, and improvement of corporate governance and transparency.

He authored dozens of articles in various publications on intellectual property protection and legal regulation of media outlets.

Timofey graduated from the legal department of Bauman Moscow State Technical University and earned an MBA degree in MIRBIS.